"Always trying new things and pushing the limits of my wits and my speakers, I am in a constant change in my productions. I have many tracks in different stages each different but similar in their own ways. I plan to progress with the music as the music progresses with me and as always have a blast doing it. All art, music included is made to invoke some state of emotion within the human mind, body and spirit and I hope I can at least gift that to the masses." - DJ Sahnik
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Download 2013-04-04 1:02:53 157 No
Download 2013-03-14 1:04:55 163 No
Download 2013-03-07 58:31 155 No
Download 2013-02-28 1:02:54 165 No
Download 2013-02-21 1:04:10 166 No
Download 2013-02-07 1:05:42 167 No
Download 2013-01-31 1:12:58 163 No
Download 2013-01-03 1:18:55 180 No
Download 2012-12-27 1:12:19 173 No
Download 2012-12-20 1:20:33 181 No